XI NATIONAL CONFERENCE PSNiT - 3-5 June 2019 - hotel CZARNY POTOK Krynica Zdrój

The favorable winter season allows the ski family to momentarily breath and look with hope and optimism for the next year. Since the season is behind us and there is never too much talks, we are counting down the time until the next conference. This time we will meet in Krynica Zdrój!
We have precisely diagnosed weaknesses in the industry that do not allow to develop fully ! Well, we do not intend to be paralyzed by that, we are not going to let it go.
What is the future of the ski market? What is the problem of seasonality in terms of sustainability or climate change? How to plan an investment policy in the environment of leaky legislation?
Should we infinitely persuade that ski resorts have a gogant position to maximize the economic potential of the local community. The development of tourism as well as the development of the "mountain tourism culture" is the goal of stimulating activities in these areas. Only this way we will encourage entrepreneurs to invest in mountain tourism!
For several years, Polish Ski and Tourism Association has created a platform for all responsible partners for dialogue and exchange of experience and knowledge in the ski industry. We want to point to diversified products and experiences in order to increase the competitive advantage. We also mean iInnovative practices in the field of IT marketing and smart devices, security and security standards.
The ski industry has long ceased to be a linear enterprise - sales of the ski pass and maintenance of ski routes. This is a very complex and multi-level subject, which should be increase every season and positively surprise our customers.
Learning about current and future trends regarding the behavior patterns of mountain tourists and the possibility of attracting niche markets through innovative products and experiences - these are our tasks!
Invariably - we act, exchange views, bring new ideas!
The strength of the industry is the strength of people! Let's meet in June in Krynica Zdrój!


Patronat honorowy - Piotr Ryba - Burmistrz Krynicy-Zdrój